We Build Web Scrapers For Brand And Risk Management

Our Data Engineers and Machines are running scrapers and extracting tons of data, while you read this. Happy Data. Cheers!!!

Brand And Risk Management


  • Listen to your customers’ feedback online
  • Know what your brand ambassadors are talking about your Brand/ Services and Products online
  • Track blogs & posts written by your senior team or your key employees online.

  • Our Offerings

  • Data Gathering across the internet; multiple platforms include:
    1. NEWS publishers
    2. Blogs
    3. Facebook
    4. Instagram
    5. Twitter
    6. Tiktok
    7. Reddit
    8. Forums

    Our Approach with Web Scraping

    We are always happy to provide the service with you for the data delivery process. Will assist you SocialMedia/OTT/Banking/EPG/NEWS/E-commerce etc

    One of the best Web Scraping Partners for your business or Product

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