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Brand And Risk Management

Every brand takes years to build and establish its reputation which directly impacts the business. Even if it is a long established brand it just takes a few seconds for its image to get ruined. A quick reputation management can only help to recover from the impact. But how?

We are living in the times of massive online reach. The flow of communication is way more easier than it used to be. Even one negative comment against the brand gets viral at a lightning speed which can further bring down the business. And we all understand how critical it can be if the business goes down. Also, you can save it only when you come to know about it. Tracking the same manually is next to impossible.

This is where DataZeneral can help through WebScraping to track and know what people are talking about your brand. Buyers normally share their feedback on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, reddit, Instagram etc. which are easily accessible by the public.


  • Listen to your customers’ feedback online
  • Know what your brand ambassadors are talking about your Brand/ Services and Products online
  • Track blogs & posts written by your senior team or your key employees online.

  • Also, it is not only the buyers who talk about your brand, in fact, there are many other people who can express their negative or positive views for the same. Brand ambassadors, key employees, ex-employees etc. are some of them. Our expert coders at DataZeneral can write smart scripts to help you maintain the precious reputation of your brand in a smart manner by providing you the data gathered from

    Our Offerings

  • Data Gathering across the internet; multiple platforms include:
    1. NEWS publishers
    2. Blogs
    3. Facebook
    4. Instagram
    5. Twitter
    6. Tiktok
    7. Reddit
    8. Forums

    Conversation on Social Media is normally available in a very unstructured manner and tracking about your company can be a cumbersome task.

    DataZenaral can ease out all the complexities of data gathering and provide it to you in such a structured manner that reputation management can become a cakewalk.

    Do not wait anymore! Reach out to DataZenaral for WebScraping/ DataScraping services for Brand and Risk Management

    Our Approach with Web Scraping

    We are always happy to provide the service with you for the data delivery process. Will assist you SocialMedia/OTT/Banking/EPG/NEWS/E-commerce etc

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