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Frequently asked questions

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Web Scraping Services questions

Yes, we take care of it. From analysis to delivery and quality check to maintenance our team takes care of it. You can find details with our Web Scraping Approach section.
  1. Listing URL: URL/ Website that needs to extracted
  2. Respective data points from the listing URL.
No, we do not claim that we can extract any website. Based on your requirements, we would do a quick feasibility check and let you know the results.
From our experience we are able to scrape data from most of the websites - HTML, JSON, Login, Form Submission, Basic Captcha and JS.
Huge discounts can be applied to the Monthly Maintenance charges. Charges shall never be based on each source but bundled together at a win-win price.
Nominal Maintenance charges are included under data delivery ( For Manual Efforts and Infrastructure).
No, it is not the same but varies on the type of website and volume to be extracted. Minimal price variation is always there.
Yes based on the long-term engagements, prices do vary.
Yes, we follow Fair-Trade policy.
Also, we respect robots.txt


Yes, we provide end-to-end support.
Also, our team acts as an extended team of yours. We are good take your requirements and deliver data one-time or continously.
Yes, we are capable and so we have long-term clients. Most of the requirments we have today, is to deliver data continoulsy to support their products or algorithms.
We have internally built a pipeline and have the Delivery team in place to take care of such requests.
We take care of the Quality as the primary challenge.
After scrapers development we execute sample runs to check the data quality. Once you( client ) agrees we start scraping the data.
We have both automation scripts and manual teams to check the data quality frequently.
Yes, it goes as part of our anti-bot mechanism.
  1. Continous Quality Data Extraction
  2. Fixing or rewriting the Web Scrapers based on the layout changes

Why DataZeneral?

Our primary service is Web Scraping.
Daily our team keeps busy writing scrapers and extracting data for the clients.
Our team has experienced team members from 10+ Years to 1 Years.
Yes, our team has experience working with MNCs and Corporates.
Few of our team members have web scraping experience working with big corporates like KPMG, Tivo, Sapient and Wipro.
Yes, we support and help them with our Web Scraping services.
Few of the startups are like: Rupeek, ClearTrip, KrazyBee and Caavo.
Yes, few of the clients we are currently working are Rupeek, Viral Nation, Needl and Supra Oncology. Please find our complete Clients list on the Clients page.

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