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Social Media Listening


  • Measure the progress of your brand’s digital marketing efforts

  • We all are aware of the power of Social Media. Now the majority of people talk on Social Media only. This conversation encompasses from appreciation to escalations and much more. Social Media conversations provide an enormous amount of data to know and understand what people are talking about your brand or product. It not only helps us know the feedback but also helps to gain meaningful insights which help in decision making for a brand or product.

    This data can also hugely help in measuring the Digital Marketing of your brand. You can also figure out how your competitors are doing and based on that information you can launch your campaigns or do your analysis. Knowing the industry trend is very important to run your business too. Until you know what is the trend and demand of any particular product you cannot launch it in the market

    The giant power of Social Media data is endless. You can make use of it as per your business needs. By saying that, another thought comes in that how do we tap the abundance of Social Media conversation. The huge amount of data might look scary to be retrieved and analyzed and used for our brand’s benefit. All this might look like a mammoth task. But we have the solution for you.

    DataZeneral can help you listen to Social Media effortlessly. The WebScraping and Data Extraction from Social Media done by experts of DataZeneral can help you immensely in all sorts of benefits for your business. The plethora of information available can be structured as per your requirement in such a smooth manner that you can focus on improving your business instead of worrying about the retrieval of data.

    What do you have to do? Just contact DataZeneral and enjoy seamless Social Media Listening.

    Our Approach with Web Scraping

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