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Competitor Analysis

When we establish a business there are thousands of things that we have to take care of. Out of them the most important thing would be how your competitors are doing? Without knowing their health you cannot plan and strategize growth for your business. DataZeneral can be of great service to you in this matter. Through data extraction we can provide data from social media platforms or from websites to know and understand what your competitors are doing. Information from which product has been launched, sale, latest trends, marketing campaigns, reviews & feedback to detailed insights etc. can be procured from this data. And this is not a one time information instead you can keep an eye on them through frequent data availability.

A very simple example would be if you want to launch a product in a certain part of the country and you want to know if any other brand is already existing there. You can quickly analyze the data provided by us and make a decision whether your product could be successfully launched there or at some other place. Decision making can be quick only if you have clear & structured data available with you. Contact DataZeneral for knowing your competitors well. Cheers!!


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