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Entertainment Metadata

Gone are those days when we used to get very few programs or shows on the television. And even a single movie or a show used to be a very big luxury for us. But now we have bountiful sources of entertainment. Movies and shows have become more accessible anywhere, everywhere and anytime. The ease of access and variety available these days are unimaginable. All this easiness has led to a huge audience base which has resulted into a very big market for the entertainment industry.

How can you benefit from this bulk data? You can benefit your business by using this data in

  1. Decision making
  2. For creating effective metadata
  3. Easy findability of the media
  4. Making operations easier
  5. Giving easy platform to make searching easy for audience
  6. Connecting the audience to the right material
  7. Obtaining important insights for development of business
  8. Tracking the competitors etc.

As the volume of industry increases day by day so is the competition and the complexity amongst the channels.

If you are looking for support for procuring the data and utilize it as per your requirement for the success of your Entertainment business then DataZeneral is the right place for you.


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  • Data Gathering for
    1. Movies/ Season/ TV Shows
    2. OTT shows
    3. Sports
    4. EPG
  • So now not only the entertainment becomes easy, its metadata also becomes easier for you.

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